Like most of us Datuk Seri Vida, admitted that the criticisms levelled at her did get to her at times.

“Who would not feel slighted when people keep saying, over and over, again that I may have money, but no class?

“After a while, it gets to you. Yes, I do get hurt after reading nasty comments on social media,” Vida, 46, said at the launch of the official music video of her single I Am Me at Red Box, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur.

But, she never allows herself to wallow in negativity for long.

“Fine, I get hurt, but I pick myself up and move on,” Vida said.

She said she always reminded herself to look on the bright side, and focus on those who love and support her.

On her new music video, directed by Ghaz Abu Bakar at a cost of RM1 million, the cosmetics mogul said she hoped to get 50 million viewers in three months.

The video was filmed over two days at her opulent residence in Ipoh, Perak.

While the production cost was only RM100,000, the rest of the amount went to the “props” used in the video, such as her custom-made jewellery and accessories, like cabaret feathers, which can only be found in Thailand and Hong Kong.

“When the single was released in July, many poked fun at ‘I am me’ lyrics as ‘Ayam’.

“So, I figured I could use feathers as props in the music video, on top of all those other things that glitter,” Vida said, while laughing.

The single mother also planned to auction off some of the items used in the music video this year, including customised rings in the shape of flowers.

“The proceeds from the sale will go towards building a tahfiz centre in Tanah Merah, Kelantan,” Vida said.

However, her bright-pink Lamborghini used in the video would not be put up for sale.-NST


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