China and Japan have always been and will always be Malaysia’s friend.
Despite all our differences in the past, Tokyo and Beijing have played a prominent role in assisting the developing world which include Malaysia.
Let us take a look at some of their efforts to help Malaysia and the rakyat.

Decades of friendship
The earliest recorded history of friendship between Malaysia and China and Japan were recorded as early in the 15th century during the Malacca sultanate.
Both countries did trade with Malaysia benefitting the economy and the rakyat.
Ever since then, both countries have over the years become Malaysia’s close friends.
Our Prime Ministers Datuk Seri Najib Razak and former premier Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad always fly to Tokyo to enhance bileteral ties.
The late Tun Abdul Razak Hussein was the first Prime Minister to fly to China to foster greater friendship.

Japanese and Chinese investments in Malaysia provide jobs for the rakyat
Now there are about 1,400 Japanese companies in Malaysia creating more than 11,000 job opportunities.
Japan buys a lot of Malaysia’s liquefied natural gas to feed various industries in Japan.
Malaysia meanwhile has been China’s top trading partner among the 10-member Asean countries with total trade exceeding more than US$100 billion.
Malaysia is China’s top trading partner in Asia and this has benefitted the Malaysian economy over the past few years giving the rakyat and income to provide for their families.

China and Japan, both jostle for Bandar Malaysia
Singapore’s Straits Times reported on July 25 that there is stiff competition between China and Japan for the Bandar Malaysia project.
The newsportal reported that two Japanese giants, Daiwa House Industry Group and Mitsui Fudosan Co Ltd are also eyeing for the multi-billion dollar Bandar Malaysia property development project.
The other Chinese companies include China State Construction Engineering Co Ltd and others which have applied earlier.
No matter which company wins the project, this is proof that both countries are interested to help Malaysia develop for the betterment of the rakyat.

Tourists from China and Japan visit Malaysia
Without a doubt, Chinese and Japanese tourists like to come to Malaysia.
The Star reported on May 4 that more than three million tourists are expected to come to Malaysia this year.
Japan has some 400,000 tourists visiting Malaysia and both this developments show that both Japan and China are Malaysia’s long term friend.
When all the countries are good friends, it will be easy to develop close and long term friendships for the betterment of the rakyat.

Malaysia must diversify economy, reduce dependency on the US
There was a time when the Malaysian economy depended too much on the US.
This is not healthy because if anything happens to the US, the rakyat will also be affected.
So it is better for the Malaysian economy to diversify its economy to include Japan and China.
In this way, when something happens to the US, the Malaysian economy can turn around to China and Japan.
This is why Malaysia and China and Japan must be close with each other to prepare ourselves if anything happens to the US.

Japan and China’s economy affects the rakyat
The rakyat must realise the importance of China and Japan which is the world’s second and third largest economy respectively.
Any slowdown by the two countries will definitely affect Malaysia.
However, any good developments from the two economig giants will also push up Malaysia.
The Bank of Japan raised its assessment of Japan in April and said that Japan is becoming firm and its economy would gain further momentum.
Meanwhile, in the website Barron’s Asia, economists expect China’s economy to be stable this year and Chinese premier Li Keqiang recently said China was on track to meet its growth target of about 6.5 percent.
So it is important that the economies of Japan and China stay healthy to ensure that rakyat can reap the benefits from the two giant economies.
A healthy Japan and China, will translate into a healthy Malaysia and ultimately the rakyat.


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