PH, if it ever wins GE-14 and takes over the helm from the present Government, will initially try its very best to implement policies to suit the rakyat’s needs. No doubt it will strive to deliver better than the previous administration.

The question is how long can PH STAND united, considering the fact that its component parties like DAP, PKR, PAN and PPBM may differ in their approach towards current issues. The Malay-dominated parties like PKR, PAN and PPBM may not conform to the Chinese-dominated party like DAP over sensitive issues like religion and Malay sovereignty during the five-year tenure. Something is likely to happen. Any moves on DAP’s part to manipulate these issues  are bound to stir religious and racial conflicts in Malaysia. Even before GE-14, there are disparities over the number of seats allotted for PAN, a party which claims to champion the cause of Islam as an alternative to PAS.

Please do not forget who is actually running the Government, the Malay-based parties or DAP? Although DAP does not contest many seats in the upcoming poll unlike PKR and PPBM, it is nevertheless very influential and can thus play a major role in policy-making behind the curtain. Furthermore, DAP leader Kim Kit Slang is a long-time and an experienced politician who can play a silent role in Government. The Malays are most likely to be at the disadvantage, particularly in the economic field. They are likely to lose to Chinese in business, an area where the latter is dominant. The situation, if it persists, could possibly lead to a split within PH, with some parties leaving the coalition to either become independent or to rejoin BN.

A good advice to Malay voters, primarily the younger generation. They need to reflect on the Government’s sacrifices since independence to protect the country from exploitation by communist insurgents in the 1960s and 1970s, religious extremism and economic sabotage. Think twice before making a wise decision.


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