The government will table Budget 2018 next month on October 27.
What can the rakyat expect from the budget?
What can the government do to make it better for the rakyat?
What does the rakyat want?
Let’s take a look.

Budget 2018 to give priority on cost of living and housing issues
The Government will give more emphasis on cost of living and housing issues in Budget 2018 in an effort to improve the standard of living and well-being of the people.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak said on September 8 that the Government will focus on the people’s economy, reported Bernama.
Datuk Seri Najib added all ideas discussed with online friends during chats relating to #Bajet2018 will be studied and considered for the 2018 Budget, he said on his blog last week.

Rakyat wants more disposable income
What the rakyat wants is actually simple – the rakyat wants more disposable income.
One of the ways to give the rakyat more income is to increase salaries.
Another way is to lower taxes.
When the income tax is low, the money that is not taxed will be in the rakyat’s hands.
With that money, they are able to spend.
When the rakyat spends, the economy will be stronger.

Lower income tax
The government should reduce the income tax for every working Malaysian.
Not much, just by a one percentage point.
With every tax cut, the rakyat will have more money in their hands.
With this money, they are able to spend for their families and help support the economy.
Although the government will lose some revenue, in the long term it will help the country.
In the end the rakyat will spend the money which goes back into the economy.

Lower companies tax
Companies such as Sime Darby, Felda Global Ventures and Genting Berhad pays corporate tax to the government.
If the government can cut the tax also by one percent, the companies will have some money in their hands.
With this money, the company will be able to pay higher salary to the staff.
With higher salaries, the productivity of the workers will improve.
With better productivity, the company will contribute more to the economy.
A stronger economy will then augur well for the country.

Higher BR1M
Bantuan Rakyat 1Malaysia has been a great success in helping the rakyat and the government should consider increasing the amount.
This is because BR1M has helped the rakyat a lot during these challenging times such as to buy petrol, put food on the table and spend quality time with their family.
If the government can collect higher GST, then the government should consider giving the rakyat higher BR1M.

Better security
For Budget 2018, the rakyat wants better security to protect the country and their families against crime and terrorists.
Sometimes, the rakyat just want better security for their families and children against criminals.
That is why in almost every budget, the government will always allocate money for the security forces.
Just look at the recent fire in Kampung Datuk Keramat which killed 23 students at the Darul Quran Ittifaqiyah.
Bad people are just everywhere.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak will every year always announce incentives for the police force as well as the army.
When crime is low, the rakyat will have peace of mind and they will be able to work calmly to earn an income for their families as well as for the economy to support the country.

The rakyat wants political stability
Political stability is very important in any country.
This is because when there is political stability, the rakyat can work peacefully.
With political stability, the economy can grow.
So that is why the rakyat must think carefully before casting their votes at the 14th general elections.
They should vote for Barisan Nasional which has given them political stability for such a long time.
The rakyat should not risk the country by voting for Pakatan Harapan which does not have any track record.
Political stability is very important and the rakyat must think very, very carefully before casting their votes.

More and more affordable housing
Kudos to the government for setting up PR1MA housing.
However, demand for affordable housing is high.
And the houses supplied by PR1MA housing is not enough.
And takes a long time to supply.
So the government should set up more and more agencies like PR1MA.
This is to help provide for the rakyat more affordable housing.
A house is a basic right for every rakyat and the government should seriously think about it.

More incentives to do business
A lot of rakyat want to do business but they don’t know how.
The rakyat must be given more incentives to do business.
As an example, Berita Harian reported on September 5 that Quick Ride and Kumpulan Amanah Pelaburan announced that the rakyat can be an Uber driver by paying RM1,000 and get a brand new Proton.
These are some of the incentives that are simple that should be given to the rakyat.
The rakyat should be given opportunities to boost their income such as giving them loans to start small businesses such as becoming petty traders.
In this way, their lives will improve and the economy will be strong.

Unity among races
The rakyat also wants unity among races so that the country can prosper and move forward.
This is very important because if the country is not united, it will be hard for the country to progress.
So the government must continue to dish out incentives and goodies which can promote unity.
One of them is to promote the development of sports which will be good for unity.
The recent SEA Games and Para Games is an example where the races were united.
So the government must be creative to introduce incentives in sports which can boost unity.

Islam to be preserved as official religion
Without a doubt, Islam is the number one religion in the country enshrined in the Federal Constitution.
Sixty percent of Malaysia’s population are also Muslims.
Thus the government must do all it can to continue preserving the sanctity of Islam.
This is because Islam is close to the hearts of many Malays and any efforts to tarnish the religion will only cause instability in the country.
So the government must promote Islam by allocating some of the budget 2018 towards strengthening Islam.
This can be done to assist tahfiz schoolds, introduce new syllabus in the education system and train more religious teachers.
Once Islam is strong a stable, so will Malaysia because Islam is a religion of peace which foster close relations between Islam and other religions.

Lower GST?
The Goods and Services Tax (GST) has without a doubt saved the country.
If it had not been for the GST, our economy would be in trouble when oil price more went down to US$40 per barrel from US$100 before.
But in the coming budget, will the government reduce the GST tax from the current 6 percent?
Economists say it is most unlikely.
Lets just hope that the government maintains it at 6 percent and not increase it anytime soon.

Lower oil price?
Lower oil price has always been the wish of the rakyat.
But this is not possible as oil prices is beyond the government’s control.
Oil prices is controlled by the international market dictated by supply and demand.
And the government can no longer subsidise oil like before.
And the international community does not like subsidies.
So the rakyat have to accept that in this budget and in the future.
The government cannot lower oil price.
Ony the international market can lower oil price.
So the rakyat must plan on how to reduce spending on petrol.
This include car pooling and using the MRT and the LRT.


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