This Friday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak will table Budget 2018.

Let’s take a look at some of the rakyat’s wishlist.

want higher allowance
Fishermen in Pahang have expressed hope that that their RM300 allowance can be increased.
This is to help them meet the high cost of living.
In a New Straits Times report on October 23, Wan Abdul Jamal Wan Muhammad said the fishermen would be
grateful if the allowance can be increaead to RM500 a month.
The government should consider as fishermen risk their lives to go to fish in the open sea.
Sometimes they come back home empty handed with no catch.
The government must help the group who occupy the bottom 40 per cent of the country’s household income

Soldiers want better military assets
Defence Minister Datuk Seri Hishamuddin Hussein said on October 22 that the military’s wishlist is for the
special forces to be equipped with better military assets and security equipment.
This is to ensure that the soldiers can protect the country and the rakyat from ISIS and terrorists such as the
one which attacked Marawi city in the Philippines.
Army chief Tan Sri Zulkiple Kassim also said on October 17 that more security assets should be deployed for
the country’s military intelligence to Malaysia against terrorists and invaders.

Building materials should be exempted from GST
For Sazrul Yakcob, all he wants is to buy an affordable house,
The price of an affordable house can be cheaper if some of its building materials can be exempted from the
Goods and Services Tax or GST.
Real Estate Housing Developers Association said the price of a house can be brought down if some of the
building materials are not slapped wih the GST.
The government should consider because housing for the rakyat is an important agenda.

Government servants want more goodies
For Sulaiman Shuib, the civil servants should get some goodies in Budget 2018.
Although the government servants have received some goodies in the past, but in previous budgets they have
received little.
So Datuk Seri Najib should try his best to keep this group happy as there are 1.6 million civil servants in the
According to a Reuters report, Datuk Seri Najib has said that civil servants can expect “good news” in the
2018 budget.
This could mean higher salaries as salaries were last raised between 7 and 13 percent in 2012.

Affordable housing loan payment schemes
For despatch rider Sahari Kasim, all he wants is to buy an affordable house.
Hopefully the government can come up with a payment scheme for affordable housing.
This is because he is 45 years old and it is hard for him to get a bank loan.
So the government should help buyers like Sahari.
Banks could help him by relaxing several guidelines and give him a loan.

GST collection touched RM42 billion, rakyat should be given tax breaks
Universiti Utara Malaysia senior lecturer in international policies Dr Muhammad Fuad Othman said the
government has collected more than RM42 billion in GST in 2017.
And in 2018, the GST is expected to hit RM48 billion.
So the government should help the rakyat in return by giving them some tax breaks.
A tax break will help the rakyat to meet their high cost of living.

Middle income earners want tax breaks
For Rashdan Jamaluddin, all he wants is a tax break to soften the blow from rising living costs.
Nomura economist Brian Tan told Reuters that the government should give tax breaks as the last tax break
was in 2014.
The middle income group has not received much goodies in the past budgets compared to the low income.
So it is time for the government to give this group some sort of goodies.

Minimum wage must be increased
For Nor Zamri Muhammad who works at a furniture factory in Sungai Buloh, all he wants is that the
minimum wage be increased.
“I’m earning a minimum wage of RM1,000 which is tough for me. I hope it will be reviewed,” said Nor Zamri.
The government announced in April that the minimum wage which has a current rate of RM1,000 will be
reviewed in 2018.
The minimum wage should be reviewed as it will help the lower income meet their high cost of living.
This will also generate more economic activities which in turn will make our economy stronger.

Graduates want more jobs
For fresh graduate Lokman Zabidi, all he wants now is a job.
It is hard for him to find a job in banking sector as the banks are also facing challenging times.
So the government should help young graduates like Lokman.
Government should offer fresh graduates training until they could find a job.
However there are some good news in the future.
Independent economist Mushtak Parker said unemployment is expected to go down to 3.4 percent in 2017
from 3.5 percent in 2016.
What this means is that the economy is improving.
So the government should continue with its efforts to strengthen the economy.
A strong economy will be able to provide our graduates with jobs.

Professionals want more training and further their education
Without a doubt, Malaysia’s 13 million workforce drives the nation forward.
To make Malaysia more dynamic, the government should provide more support for professional education in
the country.
Engineer James Cheong said he wants to further his studies so that his qualifications will be higher enabling him to earn higher income.
When an engineer continues his study to PHD level or a security guard becomes manager, his level of income
will increase.
This will elevate Malaysia’s status as one of the world’s top economies with its rakyat earning high income.


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