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ALMOST all of our day to day issues that we face in Malaysia nowadays can become political.  From the ever-changing prices of fuel, milk, rice, eggs, you name it.  Either the prices go up or down, they can get politicized, depending on which side of the political divide will the issues benefit most. In the past week, the 2017 Budget was deemed to top all of these political issues as it will certainly have an impact on us Malaysians, be it directly or not.

Of course, the Prime Minister’s presentation of the 2017 Budget would mean good news for the people because, as usual, ‘gifts, cash handouts and other good news’ are commonly announced during this period of time.  Despite the advantage for the ruling side during the 2017 Budget speech, the opposition MPs did a huge blunder by walking out of the parliament.

Whilst doing so, they also raised a question that had nothing to do with the budget being tabled. “Who is MO1?”- a question that only the US DOJ can answer and us Malaysians can only assume who the DOJ is referring to.


As it turned out, it is apparent that some politicians can get too desperate to put their message across and may have crossed the line by doing so.  PKR President Wan Azizah, PPMB President Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, DAP leader Lim Kit Siang and a list of other prominent figures in the opposition pact had all acted childishly for walking out of parliament and ‘cried for chocolates’.

It was reported that some ‘real children’ from KEMAS were also present at the parliament that time to witness how childish adults can become at times.  It gets worse when these adults are the ones elected by the people to sit in parliament, not to walk out each time things are not going their way.

What should have happened was, the over-reacted MPs should have listened to the budget tabled by the PM and find weaknesses that they could counter during the budget debate session the following week.  They could even come out with an alternative budget plan based on the total of what the current government is offering.  Sadly, immature politics had taken the better of them, hence they had tarnished the sanctity of the Malaysian Parliament.

Again, almost everything can be politicized. Rising prices of eggs, chicken meat, kangkung can be made political but the method and the timing must be right. Walking out of parliament during a respected budget session is definitely not one of them.

Casius Junut is an independent political and economic analyst and Malaysian Access reader. 


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