McDonald’s Malaysia on Thursday (Dec 14) lodged a police report against several non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and individuals for calling for a boycott and accusing the fast food chain of contributing to the Israel-Palestine conflict.

New Straits Times’ portal reported Mr Azmir Jaafar, managing director and operating partner of Gerbang Alaf Restaurants Sdn Bhd Azmir that owns the Malaysian franchise, as saying that the company had nothing to do with the Israel-Palestine conflict and was in no way providing any sort of funds.

“The claims coming from these parties that say McDonald’s Malaysia contributes a fund to Israel is a false and slanderous accusation.”

“Gerbang Alaf Restaurants Sdn Bhd is a locally-owned company run by a Muslim individual as its biggest shareholder.”

“As a company, we do not contribute, support or are involved in any political or religious conflicts anywhere in the world,” he was reported saying in a press conference.

Mr Azmir also reiterated that McDonald’s Malaysia had already released a statement previously on the same matter but calls for a boycott nationwide still continued.

“We are doing this as a preventive measure before anything bad happens. We are preserving the safety and livelihood of our 12,000 employees and 4,000 more indirect employees associated with us.”

“There have been reports of harassment from our employees after Trump made the announcement,” he added referring to United States president Donald Trump.

McDonald’s Malaysia will also be seeking the advice of the Federal Territories mufti on the religious stand of boycotting the food chain, Mr Azmir explained.

McDonald’s Malaysia came under fire after Mr Trump announced the recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital.

The announcement has caused an uproar among both Muslim and non-Muslim communities nationwide, with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak condemning the act.

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