BN needs only nine more percent to tip the scale and Selangor is theirs for the next elections victory.

Umno treasurer Datuk Seri Dr Mohd Salleh Said Keruak said BN should only form a wave of change as the state already has a ‘face victory’.

“I’ve imagined winning recapture Selangor Umno after the best approach implemented by Selangor BN chairman, Tan Sri Noh Omar. Umno Sabah learns from Selangor Umno , if you want to fight, be brave, and no thought of winning. Brave and courageous political opposition opponent to give explanation to the people.

“We should not be worried in the fight for this fight there is no black and white. We have to keep fighting and unite. Confidence and loyalty to the president’s face because the victory was already there, ” he said.

He gives his statement after the opening the delegates meeting of the Tanjong Karang 29th at Farmers Management Institute (IPP) Tanjong Karang today.


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