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THE Bersih rally on Saturday ended peacefully with no ugly incidences such as riots, fighting or worse deaths. So what have we learned from the whole protests? How has it affected the rakyat and the country?

Let us take a look from a neutral point of view.

No fighting between the protesters

Thankfully, Bersih took place under a peaceful environment with no reports of fighting between the yellow shirts and the red shirts. This is a good indication that despite our differences, Malaysia can protests peacefully without resorting to violence.

Rallies and protests are not good as it can lead to violence but if Bersih and the red shirts can ensure that it can be conducted in a more civilized and peaceful manner, who knows the police may issue permits in the future as protesters have shown that they are protesting in a peaceful manner.


No destruction of property and fires

The Bersih rally and the red shirts protests have not resulted in any destruction of property, rioting, fires or worse deaths. In the spirit of democracy, supporters from both sides must not be emotional and take good care of our beloved country.

That is a positive development which can be used as an example in future street demonstrations. Let’s keep this up so that perhaps one day, the police will allow protesters to hold peaceful street demonstrations.

Thank you police

Berita Harian front page on Sunday November 20 says it all. Terima kasih polis! The hero among all this is without a doubt is the police. The men in blue have shown how professional they are in maintaining peace and order through out Bersih.


The police have been very strict in ensuring that the yellow shirts and the red shirts do not clash. Bernama reported that 7,000 policemen and policewomen were on duty since Thursday November 17. Some did not even go home and slept at the police station. The police should keep up with the good work as ensuring peace and harmony is very important in a multi cultural and multi racial country like ours.

Rakyat know what they want

Bersih has shown to the government that every body must work hard to improve on their weaknesses. If we are doing well in managing the economy or putting food on the table, nobody will protest in the first place.

The yellow shirts and red shirts are protesting for a reason. They are not just out there to cause trouble but to show to the authorities that some things must be improved. It is wrong to rally but the government must do all its best to improve to avoid future rallies.


Street demonstrations can be a waste of time

Terengganu Menteri Besar Ahmad Razif Abdul Rahman said on Saturday that rallies are a waste of time, energy and money. In a way, he is right. Street demonstrations is a waste of time for both yellow shirts and red shirts.

It does not really meet its objective and is only a waste of time for the opposition and the government. From a neutral point of view, let us all work out our differences and one of the many ways is to cast our vote at the upcoming general elections in 2018.

The power of social media

The yellow shirts and red shirts rally have shown to us the power of social media.
Right before the rally, supporters from both sides have spread the news through social media. News of the rally, the movement of the police and red shirts activities were reported on social media.

Social media has emerged as a clear winner in this rally which shows that Malaysians can work together for a common cause. Maybe the yellow shirts and red shirts are not united today.


But one day in the future, who knows that both yellow shirts and red shirts can work together for the sake of Malaysia. Social media can unite all Malaysians one day for the better future of the rakyat.

Freedom of speech

Bersih rally and the red shirts have shown to us that all Malaysians have the right to freedom of speech. What this means is that all Malaysians can speak up to say things which makes him or her not happy.

Although street demonstrations is not the right platform, Bersih has shown that every Malaysian has the right to freedom of speech. So let us tell the authorities things which we are not happy about and one of the platform that Malaysians can use is to cast their vote at the upcoming 14th General elections in 2018.

Nik Haikal Nik Ibrahim is an independent analyst and Malaysian Access reader. Article written is strictly his personal view. Malaysian Access does not necessarily endorse the opinions given by any third party content provider.


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