bersih 5.0

Bersih 5.0 rally must end at all cost. All it has done over the years is inciting hatred, which has hampered the country’s harmony.

Take a closer look at the mini-convoys run by the so-called electoral reform Bersih 2.0 over the past months.

In spite of calling for clean and fair elections, the group has persistently urged people to protest against issues linked to 1Malaysia Development Berhad.

It also demands for the prime minister to step down, aside of insisting for institutional reforms.

Which part of these abovementioned demands is driven by the love towards the country, if I may ask?

What I see is that Bersih, instead of being apolitical, has appeared to be more political than it should be. It is backed up and endorsed by the oppositions since its inception.

This time around, even a component party in the opposition front is adamant in deploying about 1,000 of its members to involve in the convoys and the rally.

Isn’t it shows that the rally is just a “vehicle” for irresponsible parties to incite revulsion against the authorities, for the sake of their own interests?

These parties, wanting to use Bersih as a tool to gather the people are certainly not interested in the people’s wishes.

The society needs balance, order, and basic necessities to be available for all, but, I don’t think I ever heard these leaders chanting all these basic demands at Bersih rallies.

Most of them even go to chant “Release Anwar, the political detainee!” at the streets. Isn’t that a politically motivated request?

In addition, nothing has changed after the rallies. Many don’t see a ‘what’s next’ once the demonstration is over.

If anything, it is the opposition that is currently in dismay, with scandals afflicting its leaders.

Rallies can serve its own resolution, but I don’t agree with the way Bersih rallies are done. We have seen a lot of injuries involving all sides, including rally-goers, ground personnel guarding the rally, anti-Bersih supporters, and to the innocents who happened to be nearby the rally.

bersih 5.0

The organizers have since proven itself to keep on failing to safeguard the safety of its participants. So, what if the fifth rally turns out ghastly? Can the organizers guarantee that clashes with its rivals wouldn’t happened on the day?

To top it off, Bersih rallies in the past had affected a lot of businesses. During Bersih 4.0, some small business owners lost up to RM50, 000, not to mention, their stalls and mini shops were badly affected due to unruly actions by rally-goers.

The innocents, especially the business owners and those who wanted to enjoy their weekend peacefully at the city centre, certainly do not deserve to be affected by the pointless rally.

The people must know that there are suitable channels if they want a change in the government – one of it is to cast ballot during general elections.

Going to the streets is not a way to go. Bersih rallies should just end once and for all. All we want and need is to live peacefully in our country. All things considered, change can and must only happen at the ballot box.

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