Former opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim is due to undergo surgery for his right shoulder injury which was aggravated by the recent accident involving his prison vehicle transport.

His family issued a statement today saying that Anwar will be admitted to Hospital Kuala Lumpur (HKL) tomorrow for pre-surgery evaluation, ahead of the surgery which is scheduled for Nov 12.

The accident had, according to his family, affected an earlier shoulder injury that had been plaguing him for the past two years.

“He has decided to have arthroscopic surgery to relieve the pain in his shoulder as he currently has to take painkillers every day to deal with the pain and still can’t move his hand at all.

“He has had a history of shoulder injuries that he sustained from a car accident many years ago. He has been managing the injury through physiotherapy and medication,” the family said, adding that they put their full trust in HKL and the doctors there.

Meanwhile, Anwar’s family appealed to Putrajaya to take full responsibility for his treatment, while letting HKL do their work without any government interference.

“We hope he can go for the surgery without any political interference.

“Human rights groups should be allowed to monitor his surgery and post-surgery treatment. The media must also be given freedom to cover the treatment he receives post-surgery.

“We also ask that he be granted full rehabilitation facilities at HKL due to the very limited access to proper post-surgery care at the Sungai Buloh Prison,” the family said referring to where Anwar has been imprisoned since February 2015 after his conviction for sodomy.

On Sept 22, Anwar was heading back to Sungei Buloh Prison after he had spent four nights at HKL, when an accident occurred in which a prison escort vehicle hit the car that he was in. Ironically, he had been warded for treatment for irregular blood pressure and pain related to his prior shoulder injury.-FMT


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