It seems that it will take Annabelle, that infamous haunted doll to remind all RapidKL users on the need to be courteous and considerate. ‘She’ could be seen taking a ride on the MRT and even sitting at one of the MRT gate entrances herself.

Coming with the caption : “Dear valued customers, lately we’ve been receiving surprise visits from Annabelle. Mind your manners while you are on our trains or… she will haunt you FOREVER.”

It also accompanied by truth-slicing hashtags; #citizenwithmannerswanted and #forabetterfuture. This comes to say a lot about our Rakyat.

RapidKL’s spokesman said the objective of the witty campaign was to generate civic awareness among the public.

“It is heartening (for us) to receive such feedback from the public and we believe this has generated so much awareness.

“We hope that the public’s social etiquette will be improved, for public transportation and to all any public facilities,” said its spokesman.

Receiving more than 18,000 reactions on Facebook with over 6,300 shares, netizens have voiced their support towards Rapid KL’s memorable way to educate the public on social etiquettes on using the public transportation.

Many positive comments include;

“This is one of the way that might attract attention among the public transport users. Keep it up, admin. Humorous, but full of message at the same time,” commented Alif Ikhwan.

“Genius move RapidKL,” said a common user, Hanisa Hj Hassan.

The awareness campaign started after irresponsible users were found to have vandalised the facilities of the newly launched MRT.

Annabelle sitting in the eerie morning commute or even a packed afternoon hour, you will definitely want to behave properly with her dead eyes staring at you. With the welcoming results, RapidKL might want to invest on more Annabelle or other iconic figures such as Chucky as the element of ghostly fear easily effects the Rakyat.

The MRT Line Megaproject aims in creating a modern metropolis to attract more foreign investment and increase economic booms.

Yet what we really want is; change in the Rakyat’s perception on utilizing, appreciating and etiquette using public transport.

The new MRT Line from Sungai Buloh to Kajang that was launched on July 17. One of the many great efforts by the government to improve Malaysia.


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