I think we have said enough on PH facing an uphill battle in the coming mother of all general elections.

The general consensus is that PH will face no problems in urban and semi-urban mixed constituencies. It is the rural Malay heartlands that pose the most daunting challenge. Based on demarcation of constituencies, the rural heartlands will decide who forms the next federal government.

Apparently, the formation of PPBM is still insufficient to steer the Malay votes away from BN/Umno. This is despite PPBM being a Malay/Bumi-centric party, formed with the sole intention of challenging Umno on its own turf.

The latest “problem” is DAP. Any political party working with DAP is seen as compromising Malay interests. Hence, despite PPBM being organised like Umno, the party is viewed differently by rural Malays.

Is it true that Malay/Muslim interests have become so “dominant” in this country that no political party can now work with DAP or even allude to equality and tolerance within our multiracial society? To win in rural heartlands, it would appear that they must be anti-DAP and “racist”.

So here is my take, never mind that it sounds outlandish: I suggest that DAP leave PH and contest on its own since the party is such a “nuisance” to PH. We shall leave it to PPBM, PKR and Amanah to fight it out with Umno, PAS, MCA, Gerakan, MIC and others. Let them challenge each other and see who comes out on top in racism and bigotry.

I believe DAP is strong and recognisable enough to stand on its own in urban and semi-urban mixed constituencies. After the election, DAP can then decide which coalition to join based on what offer is most amiable to it.

I think Chinese Malaysians are fed up of being accused of so many things, from promoting cronyism, corrupt culture, uncouth behaviour and drinking, to being unpatriotic and anti-government.

So here is my suggestion: the non-Malays and non-Muslims should stay out. We don’t associate ourselves with any coalition, BN or PH. We leave it to them to fight it out.

Together with other right-minded Malaysians, Chinese Malaysians will support DAP in toto in seats the party is contesting. In constituencies where DAP is not contesting, they will vote based on conscience. After the election, the party will negotiate with the two coalitions to see who can offer DAP the best deal. Similarly for Penang, DAP can negotiate with any party to form the next state government.

How about it?-FMT


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