Malaysia is going to the polls on May 9.
This will be an important day as the rakyat will decide on who will lead the country.
Barisan Nasional (BN) and Pakatan Harapan are now jostling for Putrajaya.
Who will be the more qualified government?
Which coalition is fit to lead the country?
Which will take care of the rakyat?
Who will it be?
Let us take a look at the advantages of BN and the disadvantages of Pakatan.

BN has a good track record since 1956

first-cabinetBN has been the ruling party since the first general elections in 1956.
BN has a sterling track record for the past 52 years.
Ever since then, the country has grown leaps and bounds.
BN has taken Malaysia higher to become one of the world’s top 20 trading nations.
And it does not stop there – Malaysia is expected to be one of the world’s top 20 economies by 2050.
BN has done a good job.

Pakatan Harapan has no track record
Pakatan Harapan meanwhile has no track record.
Although Pakatan is 20 years old, the coalition is loose and its house is still not in order.
Selangor for example is still struggling with its water crisis.
Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng is embroiled in a corruption case.
How can Pakatan rule the country when its own coalition is in tatters.

BN provides political stability

pix_gal1 (1)BN has been the pillar of stability in Malaysia for the past seven decades.
All the coalition parties such as BN, MCA and MIC work closely with each other.
BN is a model of harmony between mullti races and multi religion.
The rakyat lives in peace under BN rule.

Pakatan can’t even get its own house in order
Pakatan on the other hand is still squabling with each other.
PPBM, Pan, DAP and PKR have yet to settle their seat allocation issues.
The coalition members are not united and can’t even hold a proper annual general meeting.
Pakatan is in such a mess and the rakyat knows it.

BN provides economic stability

KL_skyline_no_hazeBN without a doubt has spearheaded the Malaysian economy to greater heights.
Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak said on April 15, that Malaysia can look forward to a brighter outlook.
The World Bank has revised Malaysia’s economy four times in the last one year and six months.
This shows how confident the World Bank is in the Malaysian economy.

Pakatan’s economic management is topsy turvy
Pakatan’s economic management on the other hand is topsy turvy and inconsistent.
In Selangor, property prices continue to soar way beyond the affordability of the rakyat.
In Penang, the undersea road tunnel project cost is being investigated by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission.
Similarly, the cost of property in Penang is also beyond the reach of most Bumiputera.
Pakatan’s economic management is still shaky and not up to mark.

BN has a lot of innovative ideas for the rakyat

klinik_1malaysiaBN has a lot of ideas to help the rakyat alleviate their cost of living
This include BR1M, Klinik 1Malaysia, ADAM50 and so many others.
BN also has many governent transformation programmes for the rakyat.
The BN is always there to help the welfare of the rakyat.

Pakatan always make U-turns
Pakatan in the mean time is always inconsistent by making a lot of U-turns.
First they will lambast BR1M saying it is dedak (bribe) for the rakyat.
And now, they admit that BR1M is good for the rakyat and wants to emulate it.
And then they announce nonsensical ideas such as the abolishment of toll and free education.
Where are they going to get the billions of ringgit to pay the toll companies?
Where will the opposition get the money to pay the teachers?

Under BN, poverty almost zero
Under BN, poverty which was high in the 1960s and 1960s is almost eradicated.
Now, almost everybody has a job and every child is in school.
Inflation is also under control and is expected to stabilise in the next few years.
Unemployment rate is very low at below 3 percent compared to some countries which has an unemployment rate of
30 percent.
This is all due to the efforts of BN and not Pakatan.

BN maintains harmony among races and religions
BN maintains harmony among all the races and religions in Malaysia.
Under BN, the Malays, Chinese and Indians live in peace with no major issues.
Pakatan especially DAP, is always spreading hatred and lies.
DAP is also known to be anti-Malay and always threatening to take away the Bumiputera rights.
The rakyat must not believe Pakatan.

BN will defend Bumiputera rights
BN will go all out to defend the Bumiputera rights.
DAP-led Pakatan on the other hand is always threatening to take away the Bumiputera rights.
BN will not allow this as the Bumiputera rights is enshrined under the Federal Constitution.
The rakyat must not believe Pakatan Harapan which is always making false promises.

Under BN, Islam is number one priority

20151217_AL_AZHAR_02Under BN, without a doubt, Islam will always be number one priority.
This is important because 60 percent of the rakyat are Muslims.
Thus it is imperative that BN takes care of all the Muslims in the country.
Under BN, Islam will always be upheld.
DAP-led Pakatan meanwhile, is always threatening to downgrade Islam.

BN will always preserve the rights of the Sultan
Rakyat Malaysia especially the Malays, love their Sultans and the Yang Di-Pertuan Agung.
BN knows this and will always defend the Malay royalty to the end.
The Malays revere their Sultans for hundreds of years and only BN can ensure that this traditon will always be
preserved for generations to come.

Lim Kit Siang admits defeat
Even Lim Kit Siang admitted on April 15 that Pakatan has a slim chance to win the general elections.
He said numerous analysis had indicated that Pakatan only has a 10 percent chance of winning.
This is not surprising given the dire straits of the opposition right now.
The rakyat must go all out to support BN.

Rakyat must vote for BN
It is clear that only BN can provide economic and political stability to the country.
The rakyat is already aware on this and they should not vote for the opposition.
It is risky for the rakyat to throw away BN for Pakatan whose track record is unproven.
The rakyat must give their mandate to BN for the sake of the country, their families and their children.


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