We have all heard about Tun Dr Mahathir’s sudden political U-turn in recent years, where he is now seen to be “fighting for democracy and liberalism”. As the Chairman of PPBM, he is now on the same boat as those who had criticized his leadership style, including Bersih’s Ambiga and other PKR leaders who had opposed him in the past. Who could have thought that the so-called activists are now teaming up with Tun M, of all people? Something is terribly wrong as I think Pakatan is indeed becoming more undemocratic with Tun M on their side.

During his era as PM, if an opposition leader says things like what is coming from him now, there is no way he or she could be walking freely on the streets of KL. In 1987, a total of 106 individuals were arrested under what was called “Ops Lalang”. Those arrested consisted of Tun M’s political opponents, or those who could “undermine his leadership”, such as political activists, opposition leaders like Lim Kit Siang as well as lecturers, NGO leaders, and even students.

So, with Tun M at the helm of PPBM and the PM candidate for Pakatan, is the opposition alliance really heading into the right direction? Are democratic values being practiced as claimed? Apparently, even the components of PH are starting to show signs of power struggle after Tun M and his gang joined the opposition alliance. I think those who know what values Tun M is representing within the Pakatan is starting to oppose him from within. Question is, how far can they go against him?

In PPBM itself, ROS recently stated that there are 249 individual complaints made by its members against the party leadership. In these complaints, 47 violations of the party’s constitution had been reported. An outstanding number, really. Now the PPBM leaders are claiming that the members involved have all been “bought over” by UMNO for lodging the complaints. If we look closer, the complaints seemed logical as the party did not conduct proper meetings at state-level before organizing its General Assembly. Even those who attended the GA were “handpicked” by the top leadership, hence not really representing the PPBM branches on the ground.

What will happen next? We will probably see those who lodged the complaints be expelled and tagged as traitors to PPBM. No prior investigations required. The situation sounds all too familiar isn’t it? It is Ops Lalang all over again, only this time, Tun does


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