1. The 2018 Budget tabled by PM Mohd Najib Tun Abd Razak on 27 October 2018 does not solely focus on salaries and other emoluments as perceived by certain quarters but also gives attention to social and economic developments for the benefit of tbe people and nation. The RM280 billion budget is comprehensive, covering all levels of the Malaysian society as well as all states.

2. In whole, Najib wants to come to the rescue of all strata of society and states regardless of some of the states’ political affiliations and ideologies. Through the introduction of developments, the Government is promoting national development which will be progressive and expected to be on par with other developed and developing countries. Malaysia must not lag behind but to brave the weather by coming forth and competing in the international market.

3. Overcoming social issues such as poverty, education and healthcare has been the Government’s priorities. These sectors cannot be ignored for to do so woukd stunt social development. We do not want to see a society which is divided between the have’s and have not’s. A miserable sight indeed if left unattended.

4. As a final say, the 2018 Budget should serve as an example for the other states to follow. Let us hope that with cooperation from the otber states, Malaysia will one day emerge as a full-fledged and high-income industrial nation regarded highly by the international community. It shows that tbe present National Front-led Government since independence in 1957 is still capable of managing the country’s resources including human capital without depending on foreign expertise to run tbe national economy. Of utmost importance is that the budget will be able to attract greater public support and confidence in the Government before the general election slated for next year.


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