Allegations by an opposition lawmaker that 1MDB made use of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) to sell investment properties to a foreign company in order cover repayment to Abu Dhabi’s International Petroleum Investment Company (IPIC) before the 31 December 2017 dateline is baseless. There is no solid evidence to prove the means employed by 1MDB to settle its debts. The payment was the last installment as part of the rationalization program.

DAP’S Parliamentary member, Tony Pua’s harsh statement was viewed as an intention to discredit PM Najib in order to influence the public into believing that Najib is the alleged culprit behind the extortion of the country’s sovereign agency’s funds, especially at the time when the general election is around the corner.

Instead of casting endless criticisms of Najib, why not Pua at least show appreciation for what Najib and his government had done to address the problems, as part of tireless efforts to save the country? This is evidenced by Najib’s meeting with Damian Wanda Group to negotiate for the company’s central role as master developer, which ended without any MOUs. No doubt the means to an end in settling the debts were legal. There is therefore no need to alarm the public but to bring good tidings to them that the debts had been fully and successfully settled.

Source: Malaysiakini dated 9 January 2018


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